All-in-One Real Estate Sales & Marketing Solution

2-Way Buyer-Seller Matching | Create Property Brochures | PDF & Feed Generation | Portals Intergration & Much More


The Contact manager stores, manages, classifies all the contacts for your business. Send E-mail / SMS to any contact through the contact manager. Create as many groups as you want to classify the contacts for targeted advertisement later.

You can also upload relevant documents for a contact such as contracts, agreements, NIE certificates etc.

Listing Management

Manage your property listings as well as integrate listing feeds from other agents and collaborators. Different agents use a different approach to manage their listing, we have tools to map & merge data to fit into your approach of managing data.

You can find/match buyers for property and email the property details instantly to all prospective buyers


Potential leads are managed in the lead manager. Starting from capturing the entire information of the buyer & criteria, until the deal gets closed, the lead manager helps to keep a track of everything needed.

It doesn´t just store the information but helps you to find matching properties in just one click. Further, you can shortlist and email the properties instantly


This entire module is dedicated to all the tasks you ever create. Allows you to create property viewing, follow-up call or meeting task, and lets you store information and the relevant documents you need. So you never miss anything for your tasks.

Tasks can also be prioritised, which results in the timely follow up of your entire day's work. Tasks within teams can be easily assigned, which again helps in time management.

EMAIL & WEB enquiries

We understand the importance of communication in sales. You have to be fast and accurate while communicating with the client. We provide a single interface to check all the communications like Email, Web enquiries.

You can store as many as Email templates with dynamic placeholders so that you don't need to write the same email again and again.


Get a quicker view of your business on the dashboard. We provide a clickable dashboard for better user experience & easy to use data access. Today's task, the pending task can be accessed right from the dashboard

A dedicated dashboard for website analytics gives you an idea about how your website is performing what people are searching on your website & a lot more. 

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